Tenant Coordination

The Tenant Coordinator’s role is to coordinate information between the Tenant, Professional Team and Developer. All information issued to the tenant coordinator from the tenant will be forwarded to the Design Review Committee, Architect and rest of the professional team for comments, approval and coordination. Once the design submission is approved by Design review committee and professional team the information will be issued via the architect on Base Drawing to Main contractor to construct. The Tenant Coordinator will hand over the premises to Tenant to start their Fit out, the Tenant Coordinator will Monitor and assist the Tenant in opening their new Store.

Tenant Coordination Process:

  1. Receive Tenant Release Form from Leasing Agent.
  2. Receive Base drawings from Architects.
  3. Tenant Coordinator to arrange meeting with tenant and issue base drawing and discuss information required and timelines for design submissions.
  4. Tenant design coordination to ensure the tenant design adheres to the centre design criteria and obtains individual input from the Professional Team.
  5. Tenant to issue required information as per Tenant Criteria Document to tenant coordinator.
  6. Tenant Coordinator to issue Concept submission received from tenant to Design Review Committee and Professional team for comments.
  7. Once the Concept submission is approved the tenant will be allowed to commence with the Technical drawings.
  8. Tenants Technical submission will be issued via Tenant Coordinator Professional Team for review and coordination, once approved the Architect will issue coordinated information on a Base Drawing to Main Contractor to Construct.
  9. Once all approved, Tenant Coordinator to finalise the following before Beneficial occupation:
    1. Scope allocation sheet to confirm scope of work that needs to be executed by Landlord
    2. Tenant account sign off that’s issued by Quantity Surveyor.
    3. Co-ordinate any queries relating to the development between Tenant and development team.
    4. Monitor completion of tenant space via the Principal Agent.
    5. Assist Tenants with submissions to Local Council and obtaining occupation certificate.
    6. Manage sign off and final payment of tenant account as generated by Quantity Surveyor.
    7. Issue Beneficial occupation Notifications and arrange inspection of the premises on the Beneficial occupation Date.
  10. The Tenant Coordinator will be responsible for following scope on the Beneficial Occupation date.
    1. Compile relevant records of concerns raised by tenant and manage resolution thereof via the Principal Agent.
    2. Take necessary meter readings and handover the keys.
  11. The Tenant Coordinator will now monitor the tenant fit out during BO period to ensure they comply with the Development rules and ensure that the fit out corresponds to the approved Tenant submissions.
  12. Coordinate any final fixes of services within the tenant’s premises.
  13. As far as possible ensure completion of premises as per tenant programme, and opening on centre launch where applicable.
  14. The Tenant Coordinator will issue a consent to trade letter after inspection of the Tenant’s Fit out is approved and obtaining the necessary Certificates are issued by Tenant to the Tenant Coordinator. The following Certificates will be obtained from Tenant and Main Contractor (Occupation Certificate, Fire Clearance Certificate, Electrical Certificate of Compliance, Glazing Certificates, Plumbing Certificate of Compliance, Structural Engineer’s Certificate, Air-conditioning, Smoke detection and Sprinkler completion certificate).
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