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Project Management

How we help you to achieve your project goals and objectives:

Stage 1: Inception

  • Facilitate development of a clear project brief.
  • Establish the procurement policy for the project.
  • Assist the client in the procurement of necessary and appropriate other consultants including the clear definition of their roles and responsibilities.
  • Establish in conjunction with the client, other consultants and all relevant authorities, the site characteristics, right and constraints for the proper design of the intended project.
  • Define the consultant’s scope of work and services.
  • Conclude the terms of the agreement with the client.
  • Facilitate a schedule of the required consents and approvals.
  • Prepare, coordinate and monitor a project initiation programme.
  • Facilitate client approval of all stage 1 documentation.
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Stage 2: Concept and Viability

  • Assist the client in procurement of the other consultants.
  • Advise the client on the requirement to appoint a health and safety consultant.
  • Communicate the project brief to the other consultants and monitor the development of the concept and viability.
  • Agree format and procedures for cost control and reporting by the other consultants.
  • Prepare a documentation programme and indicate construction programme.
  • Coordinate concept and viability documentation for presentation to the client for approval.
  • Facilitate approval of the concept and viability by the client.
  • Facilitate approval of the concept and viability by statutory authorities.
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Stage 3: Design Development

  • Agree and implement communication processes and procedures for the design development of the project.
  • Assist the client in the procurement of the necessary other consultants including the clear definition of their roles and responsibilities.
  • Prepare, coordinate, agree and monitor a detailed design and documentation program.
  • Conduct and record consultants and management meetings.
  • Facilitate input required by health and safety consultant.
  • Facilitate design reviews for compliance and cost control.
  • Facilitate timeous technical coordination.
  • Facilitate client approval of all Stage 3 documentation.
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Stage 4: Documentation and procurement

  • Recommend and agree procurement strategy for contractors, subcontractors and suppliers with the client and the other consultants.
  • Prepare and agree the procurement programme.
  • Advise the client in conjunction with the other consultants on the appropriate insurances.
  • Coordinate and monitor preparation of procurement documentation by consultants in accordance with the project procurement programme.
  • Manage procurement process and recommended contractors for approval by the client.
  • Agree the format and procedures for monitoring and control by the quantity surveyor of the cost of the works.
  • Coordinate the assembly of the contract documentation for signature.
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Stage 5: Construction

  • Arrange site handover to the contractor.
  • Establish the construction documentation issue process.
  • Agree and monitor issue and distribution of construction documentation.
  • Instruct the contractor on behalf of the client to appoint subcontractors.
  • Conduct and record regular site meetings.
  • Monitor, review and approve the preparation of the construction programme by the contractor.
  • Regularly monitor performance of the contractor against the construction programme.
  • Adjudicate entitlements that arise from changes required to the construction programme.
  • Receive, coordinate and monitor approval of all contract documentation provided by contractors.
  • Agree quality assurance procedures and monitor implantation thereof by the other consultants and the contractors.
  • Monitor preparation and auditing of the contractor’s health and safety plan and approval thereof by the health and safety consultant.
  • Monitor preparation of the environmental management plan by the environmental consultant.
  • Establish procedures for monitoring scope and cost variations.
  • Monitor, review, approve and issue certificates.
  • Receive, review and adjudicate any contractual claims.
  • Monitor preparation of financial control reports by the other consultants.
  • Prepare and submit progress reports.
  • Coordinate monitor and issue practical completion lists and the certificate of practical completion.
  • Facilitate and expedite receipt of occupation certificates.
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Stage 6: Close-out

  • Coordinate and monitor rectification of defects.
  • Manage procurement of operations and maintenance manuals, guarantees and
  • Manage preparation of as-built drawings and documentation.
  • Manage procurement of outstanding statutory certificates.
  • Monitor, review and issue payment certificates.
  • Issue completion certificates.
  • Manage agreement of final accounts.
  • Prepare and present the project close-out report.
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